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Artikel: Which face oil is right for your skintype?

Which face oil is right for your skintype?

Which face oil is right for your skintype?

Face oil for skincare? Say what?! 

Yes, and although for many years, face oil was considered a no-go in regards to skincare it has now received a well-deserved thumbs up and we can't even think about not having a face oil in our skincare routine anymore. So no matter one's skin type, there is a perfect oil for everyone. The only question is - which face oil for which skin type? As there is no face oil fits all, but you will find a wide range of plant oils to be suitable for a wide range of skin types, but a perfect match is a perfect match!  Here is a little breakdown of which oil to choose for which skin:


The perfect (lightweight but deeply hydrating) oil to balance acne-prone skin, that breaks out due to hormonal imbalance. Think of it as the after-pill oil! It's also good to have if you tend to break out during (or shortly before) that time of the month.


Divine smelling with a super nice touch to it - applied skin will feel velvety soft. Perfect for dehydrated, lackluster skin to restore normal to dry skin back to its perfect old self. And the glow ... you simply have to try this one!


Deeply nourishing, this is your go-to oil for super dry, parched or irritated skin. Its high content of essential fatty acids makes it perfect to heal and hydrate even the most sensitive skin - so it would be a good choice to bring on a sunny island with you to even treat sun stressed skin.


A super lightweight oil - that sinks in easily - and is the perfect choice for combination skin with a tendency to break out. So ideal to combat your teenager's acne or to use when your very own skin is behaving badly.


Oh, you have probably heard about Rosehips skin benefits before. If not, use it to get the best out of its antioxidant power and high Vitamin A and C content to regenerate skin and do its little anti-aging dance by encouraging speedy cell turnover.


Not the very best smelling oil - you will either hate it or love it, but oh boy does this oil work miracle! It is almost anti-everything but we find it extremely helpful as it is anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory, meaning it will work wonderfully on totally irritated & dry skin (think Rosacea and eczema) but will also clear up heavy acne. We did say it's a little miracle worker, right? We did mention the special scent!

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