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Artikel: The right care in the morning and evening

The right care in the morning and evening

The right care in the morning and evening

In the morning


Very dry and sensitive skin types can avoid cleansing in the morning. However, we recommend a mild cleansing, because the skin may sweat during the night or there may still be care residues on the skin from the evening.

The Jojoba + Neroli Cleansing Gel is perfect, but for sensitive and dry skin types we recommend a richer cleanser that already provides the skin with extra care, the Rose + Marula Cleansing Oil, which becomes a mild foam when emulsified with water.


Don't skip this important step, as a hydrolate (lavender, sandalwood, rose or orange blossom, depending on your skin type) or toner will be quickly absorbed by the skin and provide it with an extra dose of moisture and active ingredients. To protect the skin from free radicals, we therefore also recommend the Hyaluron + Aloe Toner - especially as a product in the morning.


A serum is the ultimate moisturizer and helps the skin protect itself from pollution, blue light and free radicals during the day. Hyaluron + Pomegrante Serum is perfect during the day because natural vitamins (A, E and C from pomegranate) protect the skin and hyaluron provides extra moisture.


We love oils of all varieties and recommend an oil during the day as well. Firstly, the oil provides ideal protection for the stresses the skin is exposed to during the day, and secondly, an oil is perfect as a makeup base. The skin simply looks a touch "glowier" and problems such as a shiny T-zone in the afternoon or dry cheeks are a thing of the past. And: There are one or more perfect oils for every skin type. Our single ingredient oils can be beautifully blended, if needed, to get your Customized Face Oil. Or you can try one on its own. If you are unsure, feel free to reach for our Rosehip + Frankincense face oil, which is suitable for all skin types. Plum face oil is also very popular due to its matte velvety texture, especially under makeup.

In the evening

Double Cleansing

Many of you have heard this term before or are already practicing it diligently.

We pre-cleanse the skin with our Chia Seed Pre-Cleanse Oil. To do this, we apply one to two pumpfuls of cleansing oil to dry, dirty and/or made-up skin. The oil is not taken off, but we emulsify some Jojoba + Neroli Cleansing Gel with water and then apply the gel to the oiled face. Massage everything in briefly and then remove with plenty of lukewarm water.

Facial Toner

We don't skip this important step in the evening either, as a toner helps prepare the skin for the skincare products that follow. Of course, you can use the product from your morning routine. But if you want a bit of variety, choose the skin-soothing and relaxing Lavender Spray. You can also mist a bit of it over your body or place another bottle next to your bed to spray your pillow just before sleep.


Especially in the evening, a serum or light fluid is a must as an additional moisturizer. The skin is more permeable at night, which means moisture evaporates more quickly; on the other hand, all active ingredients are also better absorbed. Also perfect in the evening: the Hyaluron + Pomegranate Serum or the Poppyseed + Nicacinamide Fluid. Niacinamide (vitamin B3) is a plant-based active ingredient that soothes the skin and prevents inflammation (from rosacea to acne). In addition, Niacinamide lift for pigmentation spots and the poppy seed oil is known for its extremely nourishing properties.

Face oil

Again - the finishing touch to any skincare ritual at Voyanics. Solo, blended or again the Rosehip + Frankincense facial oil. You will soon find a face oil guide in our Skincare Guide. There, each oil is described and we explain to you when which oil is most useful and also reveal some of our favorite blends. But you can hardly go wrong with Plum facial oil for normal skin, Marula facial oil for sensitive to dry skin or Rosehip facial oil for combination skin.

Eye Care

Really quick, easy and they feel so good when applied thanks to the cooling stainless steel bullet: our Prickly Pear eye care oil for sensitive/dry skin is great here!

Extra care

Sometimes (in stressful situations or during the cold seasons) it has to be a little more. Since the skin is in the repair process at night, you can ideally support the regeneration phase with additional care units:
The Rose + Neroli Mask helps the skin to gently renew itself, as lactic acid bacteria act like a super light and mild peeling. Skin feels beautifully soft in the morning. The Shea + Lavender Balm supports all irritated skin conditions - from tightness and dryness to acne and rosacea - our little miracle balm always helps.


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